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Dads Drinking Bourbon

Nov 15, 2019

Dr. Pat Heist and Jerod Smith from Wilderness Trail join the Dads in the studio to talk yeast, education, and distilling. You'll learn a lot from this one!

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Nov 13, 2019

Saint Cloud Bourbon sent us a sample, so naturally we do what we do and reviewed it. Hope y'all enjoy!
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Nov 8, 2019

Chris Fredrickson, Co-Founder of Traverse City Whiskey, joins the Dads at Barrels and Brews along with Justin and James to talk about the Wheat Whiskey just released by Barrels and Brews, the story of Traverse City, and to just have some fun sitting around a table sharing pours together. 
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Nov 7, 2019

All the distilleries on the TN Whiskey Trail recently got together at Grains and Grits Fest in Townsend TN and the Dads were there to give you a little taste. During the event, we spoke with Kris Tatum, President of the TN Distillers Guild, Greg Eidam, Head Distiller at Sugarlands, and Cassie and Carmen Simpher from

Nov 6, 2019

We were sent a sample of Heaven Hill's new 7 Year Bottled-in-Bond which we reviewed and then compared to the now discontinued 6 Year Bottled-in-Bond. 
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