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Dads Drinking Bourbon

Sep 26, 2019

Walt Johnson from Radnor Wine and Spirits and Mike Hinds join the Dads to break some bread and talk about two recent picks we were all involved in together. We then learn a little bit about Radnor Wine and Spirits from Walt and all the charity work Mike Hinds is doing through Bourbon Charity, Bourbon Crusaders, and...

Sep 25, 2019

The folks at Filibuster sent us over their newest expression, Single Estate Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and we can't wait to try it. Filibuster has previously released Dual Cask finished products, so we were very interested to see what their single barrel had to offer.

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Sep 20, 2019

PM Spirits sent us over a sample of their newest Mic Drop, 3.0, and we reviewed it while also comparing it to the original Mic Drop in a side-by-side. We start off the episode with a little banter about the BTAC numbers that were just released on Wednesday. Cheers!

Sep 19, 2019

Our friends at sent us over a sample of Yellowstone's 2019 Limited Edition as well as their Select for us to review.

By no means was our review skewed in any way because the the sample was sent to us. You can expect the same open and honest reviews that you are accustomed to. Cheers!

Sep 18, 2019

Joyce Nethery, the Master Distiller and owner of Jeptha Creed Distillery, joins us in studio to tell the story of her distillery and drink some of her Bloody Butcher Bourbon.

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