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Dads Drinking Bourbon

Dec 14, 2022

Mike Ryan from Big Stick Bourbon and Semper Fi Spirits joins us to talk about their unique product. Big Stick Bourbon is unique because before bottling they add a c­harred New American White Oak Stick into every bottle. The bourbon to stick in bottle ratio is 99.8% equivalent to that of bourbon in a 53-gallon barrel. Similar to a “Double Oaked” whiskey, this added step allows their bourbon to integrate with new oak for a second time. 

FYI! Picks Packs are live! Go to to get yours today! The packs are super cool and contain three blind whiskeys along with some tasting notes that the community has crowdsourced about the whiskey and QR codes which allow you to reveal your whiskey after you have tasted. They're great gifts for the whiskey lover in your life or also great for you to hone in your palate with blind tastings along with the community! 

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