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Dads Drinking Bourbon

Mar 21, 2023

Still Austin sent us some of their flagship bourbon, named "The Musician." Directly from them: "Our new Straight Bourbon, affectionately known as “The Musician”, is made from 100% Texas-grown corn, rye and malted barley. It’s the distillation of all we are, and of all that has created us—an expression of true Texas terroir. Like our home city, this bourbon is inclusive and original. It took a combination of Southside pluck, oak-aged patience, slow-water reduction, and good old-fashioned ingenuity to bring this spirit to life—along with the help of one very special 42-foot tall woman, “Nancy,” our one-of-a-kind Scottish-made still. For us, this whiskey represents so much that is good in this world. It’s inspiration and togetherness, community, and creativity."

Thank you to Still Austin for sending this our way! 

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